Mixed Media, Other, Painting

Montemurro, Angela

About the artist
From a young age, Angela has always had an interest in, and a propensity for, art. During her high school years she began to foster her love for art through oil painting classes; then, while studying interior design in college, she expanded her skills to water colour renderings as well as perspective drawings. As she matured further into adulthood Ang was married and had children. By 1992 Ang was a single mother of 3 when she came upon another opportunity to further her studies in art. In 1995, she graduated with distinction from Brock University in Ontario with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts. Fast forward to the new millennia and Ang was hit with curve ball, lending another opportunity for her to reinvent herself. A born fighter, Ang battled through breast cancer and is currently a survivor 7 years post diagnosis. However, the toll that recuperating from cancer has taken on her has left her with physical limitations. As such, Ang has taken this time to engage again in her creative side and use art as a cathartic medium. Ang’s work ranges from painting, to body casting, photography, and mixed media. Ang is currently working on a series of obscure portraitures involving mixed media, depicting the narrative of an individual’s life story through imagery and inspirational quotes. Ang refers to her style as a naïve form of abstraction.

Your life is now

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Vancouver , BC