Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

John Lewis, Isaac

About the artist
Isaac John Lewis, painter from Cuba, his work is a tribute to 2 of the most enduring cuban legacies: its music and its architecture, his work show the beauty of decaying Havana, and music through jazz musicians, musical instruments, some paintings are just about jazz, specialy his jazz through glass series, they look like stain glass, others showing the old colorful walls, others a combination of both, but always you'll get a look at Cuba. The 2012 Crawl series, was the first try to paint about Canadian scenery, it was a look at beautiful Vancouver, through old and broken, but charming Cuban windows: " Vancouver Through Cuban Windows". Last year Isaac presented Jazzscape, a dreamed music city based on images from Havana and Vancouver, the main piece is a mural o canvas 10' by 5.5, with music elements. This year the new exhibit is a combination of two different series, "From a Different Point of View", seven oil paintings on canvas, an exploration into the abstract world, with bright and hot colours, and a series of ocean views, still in progress, working name "Blue", Ten acrylic paintings on canvas, Isaac will be celebrating this year his 10th Anniversary in the Crawl.
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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #430