Fashion, Mixed Media, Painting

Brisson, Jenn

About the artist
Jenn Brisson started her art career drawing cartoons, and has since then, become a prolific painter, illustrator, and street artist. All those years in animation mixed with an interest for the macabre has brought equal parts strange and saccharine to her art. She loves creating colourful spaces where mischievous, otherworldly beings, mixed with fauna and flora, live playfully and harmoniously on textured backgrounds. Jenn’s work has showcased across Canada and in the US and has been making appearances in Vancouver’s street scene through wheat pasting and mural art. In 2015, she completed an 8×54′ mural for Downtown Vancouver and a year later, painted a collaborative 500sf mural in New York City. This summer she has completed her second one for Downtown Vancouver and another collaborative piece for a local animation studio. This fall, her dream will come true as she heads to Sicily to paint murals for the ancient town of Graniti with the Vancouver Collective, 13 Feet Off The Ground. Her dream is to share her art in this way in public spaces all around the world! Jenn's work has been published in comics, kids’ novels and various art books and was showcased on CBC’s TV Show “Crash Gallery: Season One".
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1310 William St
Vancouver , BC
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