Trinkwon, Mary Lou

About the artist
Mary Lou Trinkwon is currently part of the Textile Arts Department at Makerlabs. The Textile Arts Department is a newly formed group of textile artists who were formerly teaching and learning at Capilano University. Mary Lou Trinkwon has a bachelor degree in Fine and Performing Arts with a dance major from Simon Fraser University, a Textile Arts Diploma from Capilano University and a Masters Degree in Education from Simon Fraser University. Her interest in making textile art extends across disciplines, combining both weaving and surface design, into research and studio exploration. Crafted objects and material process are important to her. She is currently involved with Jacquard weaving. Mary Lou is an active member of The Textile Society of America, where she has presented papers related to teaching and learning within textile arts. Mary Lou was coordinator and taught in the Textile Art Department at Capilano University from 2000-2015. She received the Vancouver Mayors Award for Craft and Design in 2014.
Map Code: A2
780 E Cordova St
Vancouver , BC