Reynolds, Natalie

About the artist
I create rich tableaux, rooms, and strange worlds. Colourful objects become characters in loose narratives via the application of both liberated and precise brushwork. I am intrigued by visual contrast and metaphorical context; the juxtaposition of form, and the interplay of light and dark. With their mix of quirky shapes and bright colours tempered with dark, my painted environments make for a playful contradiction between balance and disorder. Accessing imagination and memory, my pieces evoke enigmatic other-worldly landscapes along with elements of a familiar, known reality. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Natalie's work is found in private collections across Canada. She has been interviewed, and her work featured, in numerous online publications over the past several years. 2015 art shows: Britannia Art Gallery, January 2015; The Cultch, April 2015. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery." ~ Francis Bacon
Map Code: D3
1000 Parker St.
Vancouver , BC
Studio #218