Drawing, Painting

Hopkins, Tannis

About the artist
I am a painter working in an impressionistic style, in both oils and acrylic. My identity as an artist started from an early age having been encouraged by my artist Father. I grew up in the wonderfully cultural atmosphere of Montreal where I remember once meeting Arthur Lismer at the Musée de Beaux Arts school. My post secondary studies were in Fine Art and Applied Arts in Montreal and Toronto. I have worked as an Advertising Art Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator, balancing this over the years with my Fine Art practise. My creativity is my outlet for my soul. My work expresses a love of life and heartfelt connections, and the sensory experiences that define our existence. Coming from a “food-centric“ family I followed in my Mother’s footsteps, cooking and entertaining as both a creative and communal outlet for me. It became only natural to evolve to painting food culture. I am also exploring depictions of urban settings, the unexpected and the human spirit. These works evoke a range of emotions from curiosity and a sense of the surreal, to thought provoking and sadness, to whimsy and a childlike sense of wonder. I like to think these paintings start a story in the viewer’s mind. They have been evolving to include things that have daunted me, enraptured and moved me over my life. Juxtapositions, imagery and expressions keep coming without concious intended messages but always with the hope of touching kindred spirits, warming hearts, and arousing curiosity.

Creative expression is my lifeblood and an outlet for my heart and soul. I am constantly sensorily aware and feel my love of creating artwork is a gift, a priviledge and a calling.

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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #108