New Media, Painting, Sculpture

Van den Eijnden, Trevor

About the artist
I am a research based visual artist working in a variety of media. I live, and teach in Vancouver, BC, but am originally from Nova Scotia. I received my BFA from NSCAD University in Halifax, NS, in 2005, and am currently an MAA in Visual Arts candidate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design here in Vancouver, BC. I was raised near a coast frequented by hurricanes and sharp shifts in the weather, which developed in me the desire to make sense of how we understand, and in what ways we impact the interdependent mesh of all living and non-living entities with whom we share the Earth. With that in mind, my current work investigates referents of our current geologic epoch, the Anthropocene. Rooted in a deep concern for the immediate and future implications of nature–human ideologies for the Earth, my practice investigates the ways in which we structure and define our relationship to the natural world through design. In particular, I am involved in a critical investigation of stylized, and conceptually flattened representations of minerals, flora, and fauna in the repeating patterns of art, and décor, and in researching ways to present hyperobjects—things massively distributed in time and space relative to human beings (like nuclear radiation, or global warming). Please contact me via for further inquiries.
Map Code: B17
112 E Hastings St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #110 East Hastings Street, The Gam Gallery