Donald's Innovations and Repairs

About the artist
From 1991 – 2013, I worked as an Electrical Engineering Technician at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with faculty, staff and students and its stimulating research challenges. As a Red Seal Journeyman and shop supervisor, I taught students to bring their designs to reality, making it easy for them to learn, design and innovate, inventing unique ways for special-needs students to access the machinery, complete projects and graduate. Tact, diplomacy and patience were especially valued as many were foreign students with limited English skills Several students became full-time professors and researchers at ECE. After 22 years at UBC and with my previous experience in various trades - architectural model building, theatre, props building, stage managing, cabinet making - I decided to strike out on my own. Between projects, I attended The Coaches Training Institute’s 10-month Leadership Program with my wife, which included 4 onsite retreats. On graduating, we were both invited to assist — this time as part of the faculty’s leadership team — a new cohort of participants for another 10-month program. Finally, in December 2015, I secured a permanent studio at The Mergatroid Building in East Vancouver, BC for my fabricating and blacksmithing business.

Fabricating and blacksmithing create tangible artistic and functional forms and connect us to getting rid of our throw-away society.

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975 Vernon Dr.
Vancouver , BC
Studio #979 Vernon Drive